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Variable Index

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Index Entry  Section

after-save-hook: after-save-hook
auto-mode-alist: File Modes

before-save-hook: before-save-hook
bookmark-default-file: Bookmarks and Registers
buffer-file-name: buffer-file-name---a permanent buffer-local variable
buffer-file-truename: buffer-file-truename---a permanent buffer-local variable
buffer-offer-save: buffer-offer-save---a buffer-local user-option
buffer-save-without-query: buffer-save-without-query---a buffer-local variable

case-fold-search: Syntax of Regular Expressions
change-major-mode-with-file-name: New Major Mode
command-error-function: Error Processing---Error Debugging
command-history: Minibuffer for File Names
comment-column: Some Comment Functions
comment-continue: Some Comment Functions
comment-fill-column: Some Comment Functions
comment-insert-comment-function: Some Comment Functions
comment-start: Some Comment Functions
comment-style: Some Comment Functions
comment-styles: Some Comment Functions
completion-cycle-threshold: Minibuffer for File Names
completion-ignored-extensions: Minibuffer for File Names
custom-enabled-themes: Custom Theme Variables
custom-file: Customization File
custom-safe-themes: Custom Theme Variables
custom-theme-directory: Custom Theme Variables
custom-theme-load-path: Custom Theme Variables

debug-on-error: Error Processing---Error Debugging
default-directory: default-directory---a variable
default-directory: Default Directory
default-directory: Creating Subprocesses---In General
default-directory: Creating Subprocesses---In General
default-directory: make-process---a primitive
default.el: Emacs Initialization
delete-by-moving-to-trash: Enabling Your Trash
delete-by-moving-to-trash: delete-by-moving-to-trash---a variable
DOC: Emacs documentation-property Command
doc-directory: Emacs documentation-property Command

edebug-all-defs: Edebug
edebug-all-defs: Edebug
edebug-all-forms: Edebug
edebug-all-forms: Edebug
edebug-initial-mode: Set Initial Execution Mode
edebug-trace: Trace Buffer
enable-local-eval: Local Variables in Files
enable-local-variables: Normal Mode
enable-local-variables: Local Variables in Files
exec-path: Executable Programs Environment
exec-path: Creating Subprocesses---In General

features: Provide and Require
find-file-hook: find-file-hook --- User Option
find-file-not-found-functions: find-file-not-found-functions --- Variable
find-file-wildcards: find-file-wildcards --- User Option
foldout-mouse-modifiers: Foldout Package

global-mark-ring-max: Point and Mark

indent-line-function: Indenting the Current Line
indent-tabs-mode: Tabs versus Spaces
Info-additional-directory-list: Info
Info-default-directory-list: Info
Info-default-directory-list: Info
Info-directory-list: Info
Info-directory-list: Info
initial-environment: Initial Environment
intent-tabs-mode: Indenting the Current Line
interpreter-mode-alist: File Modes

kill-buffer-hook: kill-buffer-hook---a permanent local variable
kill-buffer-query-functions: kill-buffer-query-functions---a variable

line-move-visual: Lines
load-file-name: Load Functions
load-path: Emacs Initialization
load-path: Load Functions
load-prefer-newer: Load Functions

magic-fallback-mode-alist: File Modes
magic-mode-alist: File Modes
major-mode: Mode Variables and Commands

next-screen-context-lines: Navigation Keys---Arrow Keys Etc
next-screen-context-lines: Scrolling

package-archives: Getting Started with MELPA
paragraph-separate: What Constitutes a Paragraph
paragraph-start: What Constitutes a Paragraph
PATH: Creating Subprocesses---In General
PATH env var: Executable Programs Environment
process-connection-type: Creating Asynchronous Subprocesses
process-connection-type: process-connection-type---a variable
process-file: process-file-side-effects---a variable

read-buffer-completion-ignore-case: Minibuffer for File Names
read-file-name-completion-ignore-case: Minibuffer for File Names

save-local-eval-forms: Local Variables in Files
sentence-end: Moving by Sentences
shell-file-name: start-process-shell-command
site-start.el: Emacs Initialization
small-temporary-file-directory: small-temporary-file-directory---a user option
system-configuration: What is Your Version

tab-always-indent: Indenting the Current Line
tab-always-indent: Tab Always Indent
tab-width: Indenting the Current Line
tab-width: Tabs versus Spaces
temp-buffer-max-height: Changing the Size of a Temporary Buffer Window
temp-buffer-max-width: Changing the Size of a Temporary Buffer Window
temp-buffer-resize-mode: Changing the Size of a Temporary Buffer Window
temporary-file-directory: temporary-file-directory---a user option
text-quoting-style: Text Quoting Style
timer-max-repeats: Timer Functions and Commands
timer-max-repeats: Timer Functions and Commands

use-hard-newlines: What Constitutes a Paragraph
user-emacs-directory: Emacs Directory

write-contents-functions: write-contents-functions---a hook
write-file-functions: write-file-functions---a hook

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