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1.7 CLASP—C++

"Bringing Common Lisp and C++ Together"

NOTE: September 7, 2021 - This contains a pre-release of Clasp 1.0.

Clasp is an implementation of Common Lisp primarily designed for compatibility with C++-language programs and libraries. Clasp conforms with the requirements of ‘ANSI INCITS 226-1994’ (R2004) with some exceptions. Any deviation from the standard not listed there is a bug, and should be reported (see "Contributing"). Clasp is the project of Dr. Christian Schafmeister. Clasp’s source code is derived substantially from that of Embeddable Common Lisp. Code from SBCL and SICL has been incorporated as well. Most notably, the compiler is SICL’s Cleavir compiler with some minor customizations.

Clasp is a new Common Lisp implementation that seamlessly interoperates with C++ libraries and programs using LLVM for compilation to native code. This allows Clasp to take advantage of a vast array of preexisting libraries and programs, such as out of the scientific computing ecosystem. Embedding them in a Common Lisp environment allows you to make use of rapid prototyping, incremental development, and other capabilities that make it a powerful language.