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1.2 Steel Bank Common Lisp

A branch from CMUCL. "Broadly speaking, SBCL is distinguished from CMU CL by a greater emphasis on maintainability. SBCL does not use an interpreter by default; all expressions are compiled to native code unless the user switches the interpreter on. The SBCL compiler generates fast native code according to a previous version of The Computer Language Benchmarks Game.

  • Steel Bank Common Lisp6
  • In doubt, just get SBCL
  • Articulate Lisp also recommends SBCL for beginners
  • A high performance Common Lisp compiler and runtime system
  • provides an interactive environment including a debugger, a statistical profiler, a code coverage tool, and many other extensions
  • SBCL 2.0.8 User Manual



The name "Steel Bank Common Lisp" is a reference to Carnegie Mellon University Common Lisp from which SBCL forked: Andrew Carnegie made his fortune in the steel industry and Andrew Mellon was a successful banker.