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Common SQL is the name of LispWorks’ interface to relational databases. The interface dates back to the very early 1990’s, when it was written to support Watson, Harlequin’s emerging "intelligent database application". The interface ships as standard with LispWorks on the "commercial unix" platforms, and in the "Enterprise" editions for Windows and Linux

The intended audience for the tutorial is anybody with a working knowledge of lisp and at least some knowledge of SQL, who is interested in seeing how the two can be combined. On the other hand most of this material should be accessible to people with little or no SQL experience.

"Based on the UncommonSQL Tutorial"

The goal of this tutorial is to guide a new developer thru the process of creating a set of CLSQL classes providing a Object-Oriented interface to persistent data stored in an SQL database.



Also, the tremendous CommonSQL tutorial that Nick Levine gave at ILC2002 is an excellent introduction to CLSQL. Even though his tutorial is targetted towards Xanalys CommonSQL, the examples work equally well in CLSQL (with the occasional minor tweak).