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1.5.5 Use Cases

Static asset caching

Amazon CloudFront can speed up the delivery of your static content (e.g., images, style sheets, JavaScript, etc.) to viewers across the globe. The Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers a multi-tier cache by default, with regional Edge caches that improve latency and lower the load on your origin servers when the object is not already cached at the Edge. Caching static content gives you the performance and scale you need to give your viewers a fast and reliable experience when visiting your website.

Live & on-demand video streaming

The Amazon CloudFront CDN offers multiple options for streaming your media — both pre-recorded files and live events — at sustained, high throughput required for 4K delivery to global viewers. For on-demand streaming, you can use CloudFront for multi-bitrate adaptive streaming in Microsoft Smooth, HLS, HDS, or MPEG-DASH formats to any device. To broadcast a live stream, you can use the Content Delivery Network to cache the media fragments at the edge and collapse multiple requests for the manifest file to reduce load to your origin.


CloudFront integrates seamlessly with AWS Shield for Layer 3/4 DDoS mitigation and AWS WAF for Layer 7 protection. In addition, CloudFront negotiates TLS connections with the highest security ciphers, and authenticates viewers with signed URLs. You can also use our advanced feature Field-Level Encryption to protect most sensitive data throughout your enterprise, so the information can only be viewed by certain components and services in your application stack. CloudFront also integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access, with AWS CloudTrail to log access to your configuration, and with Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM) for automated certificate renewals.

Customizable content delivery with Lambda@Edge

With ‘Lambda@Edge’ you can easily run your code across AWS locations globally, allowing you to respond to your end users at the lowest latency and allowing you to personalize content. For example, you can deliver unique content based on attributes of your visitors, generate custom responses, or conduct A/B testing with your own custom code running on the CloudFront infrastructure.

Dynamic content & API acceleration

Amazon CloudFront can be used to secure and accelerate your WebSocket traffic as well as API calls. CloudFront supports proxy methods (POST, PUT, OPTIONS, DELETE, and PATCH) and is already integrated with Amazon API Gateway by default. With the Content Delivery Network (CDN), TLS connections with clients terminate at a nearby edge location, then CloudFront uses optimized AWS-backbone network paths to securely reach your API servers.

Software distribution

Amazon CloudFront scales automatically as globally-distributed clients download software updates. You can make your software available right at the edge where your users are, via the content delivery network. The CDN’s high data transfer rates speed up the delivery of your binaries, improving customer experience while lowering your costs.

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