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3.4 Login with Amazon

“Securely connect with millions of Amazon customers and personalize their experience”

Let customers log in to your site or app in just a few clicks using their Amazon accounts. Leverage a brand customers trust while getting data like name, email address, and zip code to build a more personalized experience.

Getting Started


Reduce registration friction

Customers prefer to register and log in with credentials they already know. In a head-to-head test, Woot found that customers picked Login with Amazon twice as many times as any other identity provider.

Leverage security and scalability

Keep your customer information more secure by leveraging the same user authentication system used by Login with Amazon is based on OAuth 2.0, which has been broadly adopted for user-authorized exchanges across sites.

Reduce infrastructure and operational cost

By taking advantage of Login with Amazon, you can spend less time building a user management system and more time building your product. Login with Amazon also allows for faster development cycle by using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Make Amazon’s customers your customers

When you add Amazon Pay, millions of Amazon buyers can log in and pay on your website or mobile devices with the information already stored in their Amazon account.

Blog Posts

Query strings and URL fragments in Login with Amazon responses

When using an implicit grant, the Login with Amazon SDK for JavaScript can return the access token as a URL fragment, rather than a query string. Why does this happen? How is the access token utilized? Go

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