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3.3.6 Integrate Cognito with Applications

When new users discover your app, or when existing users return to it, their first tasks are to sign up or sign in. By integrating Amazon Cognito with your client code, you connect your app to backend AWS functionality that aids authentication and authorization workflows.

Your app will use the Amazon Cognito API to, for example:

To integrate Amazon Cognito with your web or mobile app, use the SDKs and libraries that the AWS Amplify framework provides.

Amazon Cognito Authentication With the AWS Amplify Framework

AWS Amplify provides services and libraries for web and mobile developers. With AWS Amplify, you can build apps that integrate with backend environments that are composed of AWS services.

Amplify Framework

To provision your backend environment, and to integrate AWS services with your client code, you use the AWS Amplify framework.


Each of the SDKs and libraries include authentication operations that you can use to implement the authentication workflows that Amazon Cognito drives.

Use the AWS Amplify Framework for Authentication in your App

To use the AWS Amplify framework to add authentication to your app, see the AWS Amplify documentation for your platform:

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