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29Error in Text: "GET" should be the letters G, E, and T followed by a space.
This is referring to a specific character sequence.
71Error in Text: Third paragraph, second sentence:
"If you multiply this with any other (four-column) matrix"
should read:
"If you multiply this with any other (four row) matrix"
ALSO The lowest matrix, on the left-hand, should show a ^-1 inversion notation
90Error in Text: Last paragraph, last sentence should read:
"CTR mode didn’t make it into TLS…"
100Error in Text: At the bottom, should read:
"49200 + 6150 + 738 = 56088"
129Error in Text: the "Procedure for generating RSA keypairs" sidebar states:
3. Compute the totient function (p-1)(1-1)
This should read:
3. Compute the totient function (p-1)(q-1)
130Error in Text
Reads: "its slow runtime limits is practical uses".
Should read: "its slow runtime limits its practical uses".
133Error in Text: Reads: "sqrt(x^3-ax) has no solutions between 0 and 1 because x^3 - ax < 0".
Should read: "sqrt(x^3-x) has no solutions between 0 and 1 because x^3 - x < 0".
155Error in Text: Text states:
"OpenSSL 1.0, although it includes elliptic-curve operations, doesn’t support TLS 1.2, and therefore doesn’t support online ECC".
Actually, as of February 8, 2011, while openssl 0.9.8r does not support elliptic-curve ciphersuites, openssl 1.0.0 does.
160Error in Text: Text states:
"Obviously, with such a 4:1 ratio of input blocks to output blocks, there will be at least a one in four chance of a collision."
Actually, over the entire input space, the chance of a collision is actually significantly smaller than 1 in 4.