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We will use GitHub’s ‘Create a comment’ REST API endpoint to create the comment on every new pull request using octokit.request.

  1. Create a package.json file in the folder you cloned your repository into:
npm init
  1. After that, install @octokit/action
npm install @octokit/action
  1. Next, create the .github/actions/pr-comment.js file
// GITHUB_EVENT_PATH always exists when run by an Action,
// see for a full list
const eventPayload = require(process.env.GITHUB_EVENT_PATH);
const { Octokit } = require("@octokit/action");


async function createPrComment() {
  // No need to pass process.env.GITHUB_TOKEN, `@octokit/action`
  // is using it directly and throws an error if it is not present.
  const octokit = new Octokit();

  // See
  const { data } = await octokit.request(
    "POST /repos/:repository/issues/:pr_number/comments",
      repository: process.env.GITHUB_REPOSITORY,
      pr_number: eventPayload.pull_request.number,
      body: "Thank you for your pull request!"

  console.log("Comment created: %d", data.html_url);
  1. Commit and push your changes
git add .
git commit -m 'add GitHub Action workflow to comment on new PRs'
git push origin master
  1. Now create a new pull request on your repository. After a short delay, the Action will show up in the list of checks as pending