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5.16.6 cl-mongo

"lisp interface to mongo db"

cl-mongo provides the ability to insert, update and delete documents, indexing, searching using regexs etc. In addition it supports javascript in the repl (using a commonly available lisp to javascript compiler). This allows you to do use mongodb’s map-reduce from the lisp repl.

Install using QuickLisp:

#<SYSTEM cl-mongo / cl-mongo-20160531-git / quicklisp 2020-10-16>

CL-USER> (ql:quickload "cl-mongo") To load "cl-mongo": Load 5 ASDF systems: alexandria asdf babel lisp-unit split-sequence Install 12 Quicklisp releases: anaphora bordeaux-threads cl-mongo cl-ppcre cl-who documentation-template ironclad named-readtables parenscript trivial-utf-8 usocket uuid

To run the quick test, do this:

(use-package :cl-mongo-test) (quick-test) # did not work
(ql:quickload "cl-mongo-test)(cl-mongo-test::quick-test) # worked