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18.9.1 Scheme Mode

scheme-mode is a major mode for editing Scheme code; it is distributed with Emacs and is a modified form of lisp-mode (whose parent mode is prog-mode) and uses the same source-code editing commands as lisp-mode.

scheme-mode is started with the command ‘M-x scheme-mode’; it runs the scheme-mode-hook during initialization.

Using the command ‘M-x run-scheme’ will start an inferior Scheme process in inferior-scheme-mode in a dedicated buffer (usually called ‘*scheme*’) using the general cmuscheme package. When an inferior Scheme process is running, some additional commands will be defined, for evaluating expressions and controlling the interpreter, and the state of the process will be displayed in the mode line of all Scheme buffers.

scheme-mode provides the following functionality:

scheme-mode is enabled automatically for all files with standard extensions of Scheme source code:

To enable scheme-mode for other file extensions:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.<ext>$" . scheme-mode))