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In version 2.1 the developers moved some functionality to separate packages. This chapter tells you how to load contrib modules and describes what the particular packages do.

Contrib packages aren’t loaded by default. You have to modify your setup a bit so that Emacs knows where to find them and which of them to load.


variable holding the list of package-names that you want to use. Its default value is slime-fancy which loads almost everything. a setup to load the slime-scratch and slime-editing-commands packages looks like:

(setq slime-contribs '(slime-scratch slime-editing-commands))

After starting SLIME, the commands of both packages should be available.

If you want to enable more contribs after you start SLIME, you can set the slime-contribs variable to another value and call:

M-x slime-setup.

Note that packages will not be unloaded if they are removed from the list, and if you have more than one SLIME connection currently active, you must manually repeat slime-setup for each of them.

You can unload contrib packages by calling a function whose name is obtained by adding ‘-unload’ to the contrib’s name, for every contrib you wish to unload. So, to remove slime-repl, you must call slime-repl-unload.