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For this example, I’ll make a project called “swatchblade” that generates rounded-rectangle PNGs of a particular color, and makes it available as a web service with Hunchentoot.

  1. Load quickproject to create project skeleton
    (ql:quickload "quickproject")
  2. Make a project using the last part of the directory name as the new project name. You could choose a different name by passing the ‘:name’ option explicitly.
    (quickproject:make-project "~/src/lisp/swatchblade/"
                               :depends-on '(vecto hunchentoot))

    a) quickproject:make-project creates several files in the swatchblade directory:

    • package.lisp
    • swatchblade.lisp
    • swatchblade.asd
    • README.txt

    b) It also adds the directory to your ASDF configuration, so you can immediately load the skeleton project and its dependencies:

    (ql:quickload "swatchblade")

    ql:quickload will automatically install required libraries if they’re available in Quicklisp.

  3. Write some code