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14.5.6 Clon—the Command-Line Options Nuker

“The Command-Line Options Nuker”

Clon is a library for managing command-line options in standalone Common Lisp applications. It provides a unified option syntax with both short and long names, automatic completion of partial names and automatic retrieval/conversion of option arguments from the command-line, associated environment variables, fallback or default values. Clon comes with a set of extensible option types (switches, paths, strings etc.). Clon also provides automatic generation and formatting of help strings, with support for highlighting on tty’s through ISO/IEC 6429 SGR. This formatting is customizable through "themes". Compatibility


Clon is a library for command-line options management. It is intended to ease the creation of standalone Common Lisp applications by providing a powerful and uniform command-line options interface. The most important features of Clon are the following.