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A.6 Boot Template

Although running the command org-babel-tangle (‘C-c C-v t’) from within Emacs will install everything, it would be nice to have a simple Makefile that is downloaded with this file that could be invoked to do the same thing without starting Emacs and Org-mode and keying in the org-babel-tangle command. This little Makefile should be stored on GitHub along with the file. When the source is extracted to a directory, then running this Makefile’s default rule as simply make will create the resource directories ’tools’, ’images’, and ’source’, and then preprocesses ‘Dev’, and then extracts the full Makefile. Because this file is tangled along with the full Makefile, it simply gets tacked onto the end of the big Makefile as an additional rule.

The Makefile can also run ’git’ to update the repository, including pushing the changes to Github. Running ‘make all’ does both.

Now, running make runs the default rule from the main Makefile, which is to extract everything, then export to TEXI, INFO, HTML, and PDF forms.

It is assumed that an Emacs server is running, and that the $TERMSERVER environment variable is set to use emacsclient.

TERMSERVER := $(EMACS_TERMSERVER) --socket-name=termserver --suppress-output
        @$(TERMSERVER) \
          --eval \
                "(let ((rsrcdir \"resources\") \
                       (subdirs (list \"tools\" \"images\" \"source\"))) \
                   (mkdir rsrcdir t) \
                   (dolist (subdir subdirs) (mkdir (concat rsrcdir \"/\" subdir) t)))" \
           --eval \
                "(with-current-buffer \
                   (car (find-file-noselect \"./*.org\" nil nil t)) \
                      (save-excursion \
                         (goto-char (point-min)) \
                         (let ((re-search-str \"\\(?::tangle\\|load-file \\(?:[\\]*\\)?[\\\"]\\)\s*\\(.*?/\\[dD\\]ev\\)/\") \
                                (dev (getenv \"DEV\"))) \
                            (while \
                               (re-search-forward re-search-str nil t) \
                               (replace-match dev t nil nil 1))) \
                          (save-buffer) \
        git add . && git commit -m "After running boot-template Makefile" && git push origin master
all: boot git

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